Friday, November 20, 2009

Aiurea Atelier out on... Lipscani!

Well... yes, it's been a while since we've been active around here. One of the reasons, besides trying to keep up with all the changes in our lives, was that we wanted our comeback worth your patience... :)

So.. after long gatherings, sleepless nights and serious negotiations :) Cristina decided to have her own 'aiurea' place where the vintage atmosphere of a funky boutique will be rounded with lots of retro chic clothes including atypical shoes and patterned handbags having, of course, the Aiuristic by Cristina Ivan touch :) There will be also a few lamps signed by the same said brand, to be hanged here and there, all ready to be snapped up and delivered right in your cozy rooms!

Atelier Aiurea will be situated behind Manuc's Inn, in 19 Covaci Street and will be part of a new restored 19th century building of about 500 sqm, placed on the crossroads with the street of another old craftsman, Sepcari which connects I.C. Bratianu Boulevard with Franceza Street. Only that we are bound to wait until March 2010 when the restauration will be completed.

But until then, we will concentrate our creativity on a 20's movie scene window, preserving our energy on hunting vintage fairs in all of the Europe! We'll start with Rotterdam from where we'll buy also a caravan :)

That being said, hope you will stay tuned for news and details of the funky opening, where delicious bio sandwiches & already famous basil punch prepared by the one and only, Mr Julien de Rodos will sense you the path throughout the cozy room, publicly named Atelier Aiurea store! :)