Thursday, October 27, 2011


Te invitam in acest weekend sa pasesti in universul Gabroveni 24, urmand calauza noastra, dovleacul-luminat, spre o curte interioara feerica unde te asteptam noi, cele trei povesti, Floraria Lipscani, Atelierul de Creatie si Atelier A!UREA sa ne pregatim impreuna pentru petrecerea de Halloween!

Atmosfera de pre-party va fi una cu care te-am obinuit déjà, cea de basm in care zanele iti lumineaza calea, unde dovleci numai buni de sculptat se lasa pe mainile tale, cu ajutorul uneltelor propuse de Floraria Lipscani impreuna cu cel mai “hot” ceai de dovleac oferit din partea casei la achizitionarea oricarui produs. Te vei putea indulci pe loc cu cele mai gustoase prajituri home-made cu aroma de mere, dovleac si scortisoara, iar pe fundal vei putea trage cu ochiul la filme consacrate din anii ‘20.

Pentru un look cat mai original de Halloween iti sarim in ajutor cu un colt spooky’n’fancy de make-up and hairstyling , cat despre tinute, vei avea de unde alege, caci Atelier A!UREA ofera servicii de inchiriere costumatii dintre cele mai indraznete: pocahontas, jane, cavaler, printesa, calugarita, vampa, dracusor, ingeras si multe altele. Nu vor lipsi nici accesoriile molipsitoare: masti, port tigaret, boa boa, manusi, peruci.

Te asteptam deci, sa ne pregatim impreuna de petrecere, cu un program special pentru vineri 28.10 si sambata 29.10:

Inchiriere costumatii, dovleci de sculptat si alte a!ureli de probat: de la 12 ziua pana la 12 noaptea

Servicii de styling si make-up: 6 pm - 10 pm

Pretul seviciului de make-up variaza de la 30 lei la 50 lei in functie de complexitatea machiajului, iar styling-ul este oferit de Atelier A!UREA la achizitionarea oricarui produs din boutique.

Mai jos puteti gasi cateva propuneri de costumatii a!urite.

See you at Gabroveni 24! :)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And we were... launched! :)

After we had a few good nights sleep, we are back in action with this funky video, full of energy! All this in the memory of the superb evening of 20 October spent between beautiful people for the launching the new place in town: Gabroveni 24 :)

Three stories. Three stores.

Editing and post-production by

We will come back shortly with some news about our way of spending Halloween! Of course we won't forget about pumpkin and carrot homemade pies and oatmeal cookies or about our outfits mixed specially to create fairytales characters... :)

Come, see, be!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gabroveni 24 -Fashion. Art.Flower- was launched


On the 20th of October, Gabroveni 24 opened its doors in the heart of the Old City Center folowing the concept „Three stores, three stories” by token of you’re invited to explore each store of the new ground as if you were flipping the pages of one magnificent book. The journey will reveal to you the remarkable a!urea space where you can admire incredible vintage pieces of clothing seasoned with twisted contemporary accessories and with advice on how to compose the perfect outfit so that you’ll feel special every single day.





Next you’ll stumble upon a gallery of modern art, which will definitely provide you with the perfect “artsy” gift, whether it is a painting on canvas or just a piece of photography.



and lastly or along the way you’ll get the chance to admire fine, bourgeois decorations along with a bohemian tea-room that go under the name of Floraria Lipscani.




The launch party was given flavor by the theme: “ the 1920’s versus 2040’s –back and into the future” and the atmosphere was one that you’ll only find in antique fairytales. The interior garden was animated by pictures of old horsecars and fashionable people from the past and pictures from not such an aloof future that were projected on the walls. The music lay in the hands of Mischa Simeonov the founder of the ingenious project called Classic Beat Orchestra and his friend Sabin Penea who played the violin and who is also a bassist in the popular band, Timpuri Noi. After the boys’ amazing live concert DJ Shurubel took over the music and provided the guests with adorable funky beats that went hand in hand with the cosy but fashionable atmosphere.






We watched extravagant and beautiful people, such as producer and screenwriter Lia Bugnar , Gianina Corondan, actors Marius Manole , Dana Rogoz , Ilincha Manolache , Dana Dembinski, designer Florin Dobre along with fashion bloggers. We wore A!urea outfits, ate the yummiest cookies you could ever imagine, we drank a special kind of punch made after a secret recipe, we gave away presents from the heart.









Atelier A!UREA. Atelierul de Creatie. Floraria Lipscani.

Each one of the stores/stories welcomes you with a warm heart, with passion and dedication following clapped out ideas put into motion by our endless imagination.




Starting with the 21st of October , Gabroveni 24 opens its soul to the world and to those interested in discovering its wonderful story.


Atelier A!urea would like to give a social thanks to a young “genius” , namely architect: Corina Cristescu, who put her heart and imagination in designing the new space from Garboveni 24. We would also like to thank our media partners who support and believe in our story: Radio 21, Metropotam, Diva Hair, Classic Beat Orchestra, Posh Magazine, HAY Magazine.

Thank you all for the lovely photos and the nice words!

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@Photographer of the event: Dragos Manea
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Let us see your A!UREA outfit!

anunt concurs_tinute aiurea

This is a message to all our a!urea fans!

Atelier A!urea is looking for the most bold and inventive outfit inspired by the style that our boutique has been promoting these past months. The outfit would have to be seasoned with at least one product bought from us.

All the captured outfits will feature in an album that we will create especially for you and the lucky girl whose picture will be besieged with the biggest number of likes on Facebook will get to buy whatever she wishes from our boutique with a 40% discount FOR A MONTH'S TIME!

The only thing you have to do is email us a picture/or more, to the following address: until the 31th of October, 18.00 o’clock and convince us that you posse that funky a!urea style!

· Starting with the 1st of October at 00.00 o’clock the pictures will feature in the album on our Facebook Fan Page and your friends and admirers, our fans as well, will have the chance to vote for your picture.
· On the 7th of November at 00.00 o’clock we will announce the winning outfit! We wish you the best of luck!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New journey for A!UREA

Leaves change their colour, autumn takes its place and no one is more prepared for the thrills of a new season than us, the happy faces from Atelier A!UREA.  To make the transit even more  interesting we joined the wonderful team of Floraria Lipscani from Gabroveni 24th and engaged in a journey where silky dresses find their way through vintage decorations and where smilying accesories reflect themselves in breathtaking mirrors.  We are nothing but enthusiastic  of the result  and beacause a picture paints a thousand words we added some photos for you to grasp a little of the charm and serenity this mixture reveals :)

imag 1

Here’s an outfit for the chilly days to come, both powerful and sweet, for an independent heart who’s not afraid to show a little bit of confidence mixed with heavy and intense jewelry .

imag 2

imag 3

Accessories are the key element to the perfect outfit and it’s our pleasure to mix and match them with this rock’n’glitter outfit. We tamed this strong composition with the smooth touch of the lace and silk brooches.

imag 4

So don’t waste not another minute of this precious autumn weekend and join us in the heart of the Old City Center  on Gabroveni Street for  an unforgetable  expericence.

imag 5

imag 6

imag 7

And stay tuned for the official opening of our new store designed by Corina Cristescu, a very talented young architect,  who was also idealy drawn our first A!UREA space.

Our schedule is from Monday to Sunday, between 12:00 p.m. and 20:00 p.m.

See you at A!UREA