Monday, June 30, 2008

Fly errrrrrr :)

Finally, we have some free minutes for the make up :)) Sooo, we embarked ourselves into the shark-shoe, we prepared for the next trip and we left an invitation for you to join us. The rest... will have been told at the destination!

As usually, we are not alone in this memorable trip. My Grandma's Backyard is making the ride much smoother and joyful. Just happy to be a part of this huge project and we really hope to meet your expectations.

Check out My Grandma's Backyard metaphorical banner. Meaningful, mysterious and complete. Just perfect.

Thank you for your support: (Igu) (Manki)
Roxana Radu
Roxana Hodea from Tabu (Andreea)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

B'est Fest - r u gonna Shoe our way?

Yes, the rumours are true: My Grandma's Backyard travels a lot these days: Street Delivery, Drum & Bass Summer Festival. Next stop: B'EST FEST 2008. We'll be there showing off to your analitical eye :) the brand new 'aiuristic' ideas. As you see on the 'aiurea' version of the poster's event, we've already came up with a line of ideas, as the "Jazz it line" or the "Pic Nick" one - to be posted shortly! And this is only the beginning, our beautiful friends :))
That's why we want to share with you our schedule for the next 2 weeks:
  • Mo - Fri, from 9:00a.m. - till the one of the 3 of us drops uncounciously :): will be making Fab shoes
  • Sat - Sun, from 10:00a.m. (yes, we sleep longer) to 10:00 p.m. (if no events should come up): will be making more Fab shoes, including clubbin' shoes :D
  • Sat - Sun, from 10 p.m. - to sunrise: we'll be thinking and dreaming and breathing shoes.... :DDD

Don't be shy. Go buy your tickets. Come try 'aiurea' on!

Don't worry, details on tent location, hours a.s.o., will follow shortly.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Aiurea Shoes are made for dancing :)

It's weekend, so... we are going out to have some fun! Wanna join? Come to see us at the Black & White Drum'n'Bass summer festival on 13 and 14 June at Preoteasa (starting 10 pm) and you'll have the chance to meet our 'couples' in person :)

Wear a white t-shirt on Friday and a black one on Saturday for discounts and fun

MGB went out for a walk... :D

Yep, we've been there, done that... :) And let us tell you it was fun, fun, fun. We were a bunch of girls who stood up together no matter what. It was raining, but the laughs were stronger. It was no music, but we were dancing. It all happened there on the streets, where it was our home for two days.

Yes, its a fact: love for the Shoe has no age :)

Till the next meeting with MGB iron team, we salute you :)

Thank you guys:

Monday, June 2, 2008

eat the Apple

Concept: summer funny flats
Materials: satin, sketches, vintage strip
Style: funny flats, ribboned around the ankle

Available numbers: 38, 40

Tee time

purchase 2 pairs and wear them combined :) 10% discount offer

Concept: 5 o'clock tea break
Materials: satin, sketch, varnished tea bag, vintage string
Style: satin flats, ribboned around the ankle

Numbers available:

on silver - 36, 38
on black - 38

Plug in

feel free to combine those three different pairs by choosing the gold left shoe with the silver right one a.s.o. :) 10% discount for up to 2 pairs purchase
Concept: together, right and left, are pure silver on the dance floor... they just have to remain... plugged-in
Materials: patent ECO leather, fluffy ribbon
Style: electric funny flats
Numbers available

on copper: 37, 38, 39
on silver: 36
on gold: 36

Ideea care sta la baza conceptului acestui model, este ideea de unitate, de cuplu care impreuna sunt 'energie vie'. Odata conectati, vor scoate flacari si isi vor face simtita prezenta pe ringul de dans si nu numai. Sunt pantofii ideali pentru clubberitele care simt electro, pentru domnisoarele glam….sau pentru business like ladies care simt energia uber cool


Concept: funny flats for prom
Materials: canvas & ECO leather, ribbon, wood figurine
Style: striped flats

Available numbers: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39

Pulp Fiction

Concept: a tribute to the "Pulp fiction" movie
Materials: satin, sketch, film strip, vintage string
Style: flats, ribboned around the ankle

Available numbers: 37, 40

In Glam we trust

Concept: trendy powerful message
Materials: ECO leather, tulle, textile paint, silver ribbon, handwriting
Style: black high heels pee toe sandals

Numbers available: 35, 38, 39

Second AA meeting

Concept: shoes for alcoholic treatments :)
Materials: red squared canvas, cork, sketches, vintage string
Style: peep toe flat sandals

Available numbers: 37, 38, 40

Light couple - SOLD

can also combined with one 'Angry couple' shoe.
discount 10% for purchasing 2 such pairs.

Concept: the marriage between the left and the right foot
Materials: patent ECO leather, tulle, mini hat
Style: electric silver peeped toe flat sandals

Numbers available: 38

Angry couple

Concept: the marriage between the left and the right foot
Materials: patent ECO leather, tulle, mini hat
Style: electric silver peeped toe flat sandals

Numbers available: 35

Hangin' tough

Concept: what should I wear today?
Materials: striped canvas, sketches, clothes hanger
Style: orange stripped high heels sandals

Numbers available: 35, 39

Grey couple - SOLD OUT

Concept: the marriage between the left and the right foot
Materials: patent ECO leather, tulle, mini hat
Style: high heel peep toes

Puka is next

you can also wear one shoe from each model :) you will then have your own funny combination - in this case one black together with one white, both having the 'murderer' on it :)

thus, you will receive a discount of 10% if you purchase 2 pairs~

Concept: an ironic message to the toys industry
Materials: ECO leather, BW, sketches, handwriting
Style: funny sketched flats

Available number:

White: 36

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Couple - SOLD

or when the right (shoe) marry the left one :)

Concept: the marriage between the left and the right foot
Materials: patent ECO leather, tulle, mini hat
Style: high heel peep toes

Numbers available: 35, 37

Funny Animals

Doggy style

Kiss the Frog & Vegetarian (Pig :)
Concept: funny animals for a hard week
Materials: BW stripe canvas, animal applications, handwriting
Style: BW striped flats

Numbers available: 36

Funky order

Concept: the telephone, the most handy way to communicate these days, can be an accessory itself. basically, “Communication is the key”
Materials: patent ECO leather, sketches, hand painted canvas, plastic wire
Style: electric funny flats
Available numbers:

gold: 39
red: 37

Funky order, este un model usor de purtat …la orice tinuta casual, care iti va inveseli ziua si care va provoca frunti incretite si ochi mici datorita efortului de a citi ce sta scris pe pantoful tau…Curioasa ? Make a ‘Funky order’…pentru Alesia

Handy formulae

Concept: handy mathematics formulas for your exams :)
Materials: patent ECO leather & satin, sketches, handwriting
Style: bubbled BW flats

Numbers available

on white: 36, 37, 39
on black: 37

Vin Acum

Concept: funny message on cork
Materials: canvas, cork, vintage string
Style: peep toe funky flats sandals

Available numbers: 37, 39

Ummagumma - fandoseli si aiureli :)

Well... 'aiurea' steps right in the center of 'fandoselicultura' :)

122, Calea Victoriei is where you find, in a Bohemian alleyway, the fancy boutique Ummagumma – a daring concept, which invites you to stand out the standard norms of mass products. Discreet but chic, the boutique brings a different vision to the urban fashion. From the interior design to the exposed collections, you will find here the imperious inspiration for reinventing and getting rid of the mass production tag.

Just very happy to be a small part of this urban culture. We thank Oana who believed in us for the very first time we've met and we hope to remain to the standards of this funky boutique.

What about You- want to walk together with our stories? Just come to Ummagumma. If you love the Idea illustrated on our shoes, try one and you will be regarded from down to up :)

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