Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chic scarfs @ Atelier A!urea

Starting today vintage chic scarfs await you at our boutique, they have geometric prints, last summer's neon colours or Wien's postcard show prints. Each one is available at just 19 RON! Come try them on and add them to your November outfit! Today we're open until 21.00 pm! Come join us in the interior garden of Lipscani's Tea Store! 395104_415753068479098_875575883_n

Vintage inspired outfit @ Atelier A!UREA

For a chilly October afternoon the crazy boutique suggests the Vintage Inspired outfit that is both chic and cosy! All the unique shown items have been just arrived in our boutique so come visit us soon! The Vintage Inspired outfit comprises of: Blouse Pink Puffs, size 36: 79 RON Pants Hello Vintage, size 40: 97 RON Scarf Autumn Prints: 34 RON Belt Coloured Bow Tie by Veronica Biliboc for A!urea: 52 RON tinuta3

Monday, October 29, 2012

New collaboration

Our new client, Izabela Panescu hosted her show, Tinerete fara batranete, on DIGI 24, wearing an classy outfit that she picked up in our boutique! We admire her elegance and we invite you to join us for some fresh vintage items, delicately printed scarfs and puffy Victorian necklaces! Izabela is wearing the Autumn Silk dress by B.A.D.Style pentru A!urea, size 36-38: 274 RON, still available in our boutique! Today we're open until 21.00 pm! Come and join the A!UREA side! 222581_3266216673305_1615551945_n

Happy A!UREA Halloween!

If you're still looking for a perfect Halloween costume you can always visit our crazy boutique! You can find here lots of costumes: pocahontas, clown, knight, fairy, princess, witch as well as funny accessories and a spooky atmosphere! Browse through our album on facebook: Halloween @ A!UREA 2012 Edition and choose your favourite outfit! 545424_415444838509921_681316825_n

Friday, October 26, 2012


404180_414087458645659_543478044_n Join us at Atelier A!UREA this Friday (26th October) and Saturday (27th October) and get ready for the Halloween party! We and Luminita Boboc are offering a FREE Halloween make up! You can have yours done on FIRDAY between 16.00 pm - 21.30 pm or SATURDAY between 19.00 pm - 21.30 pm but make sure you'll call in advance! You can use one of the following numbers: 0733.303.038 (Cristina) or 0746.274.154 (Ana) or you can email us at: atelier.aiurea@gmail.com. Putting on a Halloween make up can take up to 30 or 60 minutes and the make up can be inspired from Luminita's previous make-ups or from another source of your liking! We're waiting for you with "light" Halloween accessories! Just dare to join us! For more photos with our s c a r y costumes, bold and funny accessories click H E R E

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the mood for HALLOWEEN?

522336_416113831776355_1254013689_n all black witch costume with its fancy red whig 318713_416216188432786_432259247_n Romanian Halloween at Atelier A!UREA - on 31st, one of the twelve feminine fantasms stopped by our crazy boutique and is so close to lend you her costume for tonight's Halloween party! If an all white costume with bells and wings is what you're looking for then hurry up and join us in the interior garden of Lipscani's Tea Store and get ready to party! halloween 189194_413726668681738_1138371087_n 374099_413721022015636_2105685975_n 375414_269890966398643_793220235_n 22801_414348238619581_305852_n Our crazy boutique is getting ready for another Halloween! Dare to visit us and get your favorite item for the Halloween party! You can choose from various costumes: Knight, Nun, Witch, Princess, Fairy and accessories such as masques, glasses, bunny ears and tails fit for every thematic party in town! The price for a costume varies between 69 and 134 RON and accessories can be purchased at prices between 14 and 54 RON! Please see HERE the updated pictures with all the crazy Halloween items you may find at A!UREA, in the interior garden of Lipscani Tea Store (Gabroveni 24). Hello Halloween! indian BollyWood reinvented costume ( you can buy it for 134 RON!) to which one might add complex golden jewelry and glamour make up!

Friday, October 19, 2012


527385_411994718854933_877674930_n If your mind is wandering about your party outfit for this weekend you must pay us a visit and order the wonderful Disco Fun shoes at the amazing price of just 239 RON! They're made of leather and they are extremely comfortable due to their thick heels! They can be made on every available colour so, come "build" your very own pair and take them out for a dance! Join us today in the interior garden of Lipscani's Tea Store! We're open till 22.00 pm!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Come join the A!UREA side. We have the prettiest shoes.

8183_411671682220570_1923037538_n Walk with style in A!UREA shoes! Come visit our crazy boutique and order your favourite pair of shoes! You will receive them in 7 day's time and you can order them on every available colour and size! If you are looking for a really original pair of shoes you can choose our printed leather: NewsLetter Girl, Funky Dots, Pixelate Letters sau Black and White Magazine or you can take advantage of our "A!urea Pimps your Shoes" service, available not only for ordered shoes but also for the ones you already own. You can take a look at our available shoes and shoe paintings on our album "Pantofi A!UREA de piele" and you can contact us for any further information, online at: atelier.aiurea@gmail.com or by telephone at: 0733.303.038 Cristina or 0746 274 154 Ana. Don't forget about our 50% discounts available for every vintage item!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Rainy Friday's Look @ Atelier A!UREA

tinuta 12 oct For rainy weekend starts, the A!UREA team suggests the Bleumarine Looks coat (now @ 59 RON),unique and warm, the perfect item for your Autumn wardrobe. We would wear this coat with the lovely silky dress Carousel Ride (274 RON) and we'd add some twisted accessories: Mustard Bunny muff (194 RON), Greek Inspiration scarf (now @ 19 RON), Intricate Wires necklace (79RON) and hair accessories Frida Who? (149 RON). What's your outfit combination for this coat? Our 50% discount on every vintage item is still available at the boutique, as well as our contemporary accessories and rainbow like leather shoes! So, come join us till 22.00 in the interior garden of Lipscani's Tea Store!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Be Boho Chic o n l y with A!UREA

myfashionmix2 Fashion blogger Teodora, started a new a!urea journey wearing a fabulous vintage dress available only at Atelier A!UREA. You can find more about her exquisite experience on her blog: "My Fashion Mix": http://myfmix.blogspot.ro/2012/10/vintage-story-goes-on.html myfmix2 vintage shoes Teodora is wearing: Dress Elegant Black, marimea 36: 224 RON (NOW @ 112 RON) Vest Howdy Cowboy, marime universala: 94 RON (NOW @ 47 RON) Necklace Romantic Yellow Rose by Veronica Biliboc pentru A!urea: 72 RON Necklace Back to Skull by B.A.D. Style pentru A!urea: 97 RON Shoes Velvet Walks, marimea 37: 119 RON (NOW @ 59 RON) flower power

Sexy Boots @ Atelier A!UREA

boots1 We're inviting you to join us in the interior garden of Lipscani's Tea Store to refresh your wardrobe with a new pair of leather boots, custom made to fit your size in combination of colours of your own choice! We felt in love with the Grey'n'Black boots with their elegant heels and comfortable base. We would wear them with a provocative outfit which includes tones of black lace and a friendly cleavage! For more outfit suggestions you are welcomed in the Old City Center on Gabroveni 24, from monday to thursday (15.00-21.00) and friday and saturday (15.00-22.00) Come be a!urea with us!

Wear your Red Attitude!

IMG_6603 Today we shed light on a pair of shoes perfect for our feminine and passionate clients! The Pretty Woman stilettos are hand painted by Cristina Dragoi and the lace like paint goes perfectly with the elegant 12 cm heel! We would wear them with a black lace top and playful red accessories! How about you? You're welcomed to join us in our boutique and take advantage of the 50% discounts on vintage items, outfit suggestions and leather a!urea shoes! Don't miss us, we're open till 21.00 o'clock!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A!urea's Butterfly Effect

tinuta 10 oct Add colour to your outfit and wear these wonderful handpainted shoes! For a sunny Wednesday we suggest a casual look playful and warm at the same time and we boost it with a pair of shoes, handpainted by Cristina Dragoi especially for Atelier A!urea. For more images of shoes paintings you can click on this link HERE. We can paint a pair of your own or you can order a new one at our boutique! Add colour and life to your walks, wear A!UREA shoes! The Butterfly Effect outfit comprises of: 1) Coat The French Riviera, size 38: 146 RON (NOW @ 73 RON) 2) T-shirt Green Cow by PixieLand for A!urea, universal size: 139 RON 3)Skirt Cosy Furrs by Alexandra Calafeteanu for A!urea, size 38: 297 RON 4)Necklace Grandma's Treasure by Veronica Biliboc for A!urea: 89 RON 5) Scarf Aubergine is Back: 54 RON (NOW @ 27 RON) 6) Shoes Butterfly Effect handpainted by Cristina Dragoi for A!urea, size 35: 286 RON

NEW @ A T E L I E R A ! U R E A

IMG_6580 The crazy hangers in our boutique are now proud with their new handpainted tenants! Come visit our PixieLand handpainted t-shirts and pillow sheets! They all have crazy messages on them and they are perfect for a one of a kind present! Don't forget about our 50% discount on all vintage products! Come join us in a vintage shopping spree! Today we're open untill 21.00!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Retro time in Black and White @ Atelier A!UREA

A while ago we enjoyed the visit of two beautiful girls that form some sort of a fashionable team that goes under the name of Black and White. The two girls are present to every public event, the most known shops and pubs and they constantly keep in touch with their friends and fans via Facebook. One day they decided to pay us a visit, in order to shoot some scenes for their show. We agreed in an instant and tried our best to make them feel like home in our little a!urea space in the Old City Center. We laughed, we tried on clothes and smiled and giggled at the camera, while catching a glimpse at the most extraordinary 20’s outfits available at that time in our boutique. We gathered some photos for you to grasp a scent of the fun we had. 405072_466645293365132_664253449_n Deea felt in love with with our vintage products and instantly put on an outfit inspired by the glamorous 20’s. We admire her elegance and we wish to know where her mind winds up while smoking her cigarette. 412464_466645353365126_773889518_o You do not have to worry about the cold outside when you are wearing a vintage rabbit fur coat available only @ Atelier A!UREA. More 20’s inspired looks are available at our boutique! 553389_466645176698477_1758142309_n Sanzi grabbed our Minnie Ears and feelt like home in our enchanted space. We absolutely adore her! How about you? 553195_466645523365109_1298210897_n The elegant 20’s got a hold of the blonde girl from Black and White. The A!UREA team offered her the most elegant and stylish outfit for the party and we invite you to join us on Gabroveni 24 for more unique and vintage products! 559383_466645256698469_314125425_n Sanziana is in the mood for playing! We just caught her trying to charm our mannequin while wearing some puffy rabbit ears and a furry tail. What’s there to do? Should we punish her and take the bunny ears away?

Happy Birthday Nadia!

IMG_6520 One of our favourite a!urea customer celebrated her birthday the other weekend! Our crazy team wished her the best and welcomed her to our boutique to offer her a sweet a!urea present! We agreed Nadia's smile said it all! Do you agree? You are all invited to our boutique where vintage items await you at a 50% discount, we can offer advice in choosing the best present and you can also catch a glimpse of the new designer clothes that just came out of the workshops! Come join us and become a Vintage Guru!

A!UREA on My Fashion Mix

myfmix The beautiful Teodora felt in love with our crazy boutique and went on a stylish walk on the streets of Bucharest wearing a 100% a!urea outfit! More pictures and facts about her time spent with us are available on her blog:"My Fashion Mix": myfashionmix atelier aiurea Teodora is wearing: Blouse All Dots and Prints, size 38-40: 129 RON (NOW @ 64 RON) Pants Shiny Peaches, size 34-36: 154 RON (NOW @ 77 RON) Riding Cap: 147 RON Brooch Intense Colors by Oana Calin for A!urea: 26 RON Bag I'm on a Trip: 187 RON (NOW @ 93 RON) Scarf Grey Tones: 43 RON (NOW @ 21 RON) Shoes The Peachy Touch, marimea 37: 157 RON (NOW @ 78 RON)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cosy Inside @ Atelier A!UREA

sacou1 For your chilly evenings our A!UREA team advises you to wear some of our vintage coats, together with the most unusual accessories! To the wonderful Somon Velvet Coat( 74 lei) we added a twisted necklace designed by E-Thula for A!urea (89 lei) and the Marine Tubes muffler ( 26 lei) creating a combination ready to warm up your autumn walks! Do visit us in the interior garden of Lipscani Tea Store till 21.00 pm (from Mo to Thu) / 22.00 pm (Fri and Sat) for more outfit suggestions!

A!UREA's Late Summer Vintage Collection

1-8420 before and after the sunset in A!UREA outfits:) Love stories are more beautiful when lived in a warmth of the sunset. Dinners are more romantic when you wear A!UREA. "Le mode" of the centuries meet in breathtaking outfits, and the contemporary twist of the accessories will bring you again with your feet on the ground. Our muse, Kek, is presenting you some of the retro outfits with a twist... still available in our boutique. fotographer: Dan Udrescu model: Cristina Tudor styling: Cristina Ivan outfit: Atelier A!UREA *special thanks to our dear Lily Brecknock who believes in our story and is near us unconditionally. 11-8456 11-8437 11-8459 11-8593 11-8640 11-8657 11-8665 11-8673 11edit-8786 11edit-8749 more pictures from the shooting HERE