Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Retro time in Black and White @ Atelier A!UREA

A while ago we enjoyed the visit of two beautiful girls that form some sort of a fashionable team that goes under the name of Black and White. The two girls are present to every public event, the most known shops and pubs and they constantly keep in touch with their friends and fans via Facebook. One day they decided to pay us a visit, in order to shoot some scenes for their show. We agreed in an instant and tried our best to make them feel like home in our little a!urea space in the Old City Center. We laughed, we tried on clothes and smiled and giggled at the camera, while catching a glimpse at the most extraordinary 20’s outfits available at that time in our boutique. We gathered some photos for you to grasp a scent of the fun we had. 405072_466645293365132_664253449_n Deea felt in love with with our vintage products and instantly put on an outfit inspired by the glamorous 20’s. We admire her elegance and we wish to know where her mind winds up while smoking her cigarette. 412464_466645353365126_773889518_o You do not have to worry about the cold outside when you are wearing a vintage rabbit fur coat available only @ Atelier A!UREA. More 20’s inspired looks are available at our boutique! 553389_466645176698477_1758142309_n Sanzi grabbed our Minnie Ears and feelt like home in our enchanted space. We absolutely adore her! How about you? 553195_466645523365109_1298210897_n The elegant 20’s got a hold of the blonde girl from Black and White. The A!UREA team offered her the most elegant and stylish outfit for the party and we invite you to join us on Gabroveni 24 for more unique and vintage products! 559383_466645256698469_314125425_n Sanziana is in the mood for playing! We just caught her trying to charm our mannequin while wearing some puffy rabbit ears and a furry tail. What’s there to do? Should we punish her and take the bunny ears away?

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