Sunday, August 31, 2008

'aiurea' on

Girls and... girls!! we are extremely happy to let ya know the opening of an online 'aiurea' store with a little help of our new friends from - a Romanian version of the Etsy store.

Thus, from now on you can easily purchase one of our shoes at a very good price! Just press here :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

ADfel de premiu 'aiurea'

Well, it seems we are one of the 5 winners of the Apple contest (out of 50). Yeyyyy! What can we say, we are happy we passed the test, as it was a real challenge for us managing this brand new 'area'.

All in one, we had a great time yesterday evening at the event, spending time with friends and colleagues, meeting nice people and making new friends. All the participants were awesome, very creative and friendly - some photos to be posted reallll soon

Here we present our work:

one lucky winner, (no.21) :))

and its loosing half, (no. 20 :)

Thank you all for your support!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the future of your iPod can be in your hands

It's time to start working on something creative these days! No, it's not about the shoes (at least for now), it's about getting dressed the iPod. Yep, the nice guys from IQads are behind all this and they want to meet lots of crazy and original people presenting their ideas. So go make some cool hoodies and send a picture by email. Here you can find the info you need. Sooo, get started working on it!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Walk over politics

together with! Today at least :) We know that -among many other things- you are also good at politics , but it's time to show them too.

Walk over politics…este indemnul ‘Aiurea’ pentru aceasta vara si nu numai, iar modelul acesta este dovada, daca mai era necesara, ca ‘fetele’ se pricep si la politica printre altele.

Daca ai convingeri politice nu trebuie sa eziti sa le afirmi…si asta in orice mod, fie de este cu ajutorul Pantofului

Material – Piele ecologica imbracata in material textil
Model – Pantof peep-toe, plat
Numere disponibile- 35, 36, 38, 40

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We were Target-ed!

Well.. it is not our first appearance in press, but it's surely our first ampleness one :)) Not to speak about the seriousness and business approach of the magazine! Could it be that serious?! :) We won't questioning ourselves anymore, as the reporter put them all to us :D

We had a great time with Sabrina, the photo shooting was oh so fun - we would like to thank Oana from Ummagumma for being such a nice host - and yes we ended up on a terrace talking about shoes, friendship, projects and experiences . The result: a 3 whole pages interview for the Trends column, New Business section.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yep, it was all about Grandma'

Yes dear friends, we attended the 4th and greatest edition of Grandmas's Backyard so far. It was last Sunday at the Capitol Summer Theatre and celebrated both Gabriela's birthday and the summer big sales party.

The atmosphere was lovely as always as we were among old friends, artists, good music (thanks to DJ Lucas for making us dance in the middle of the day).

We had some furry companions during the day :))

The space was filled with artists as well as fashion and bargain addicts....we wellcomed them all

We were there with Aiurea Shoes.....but this time Cristina could not join us so we brought out her very cool pictures...

So anyway, after a very long and hot day, after meeting new artists, seeing the old B'est Fest friends, kissing Gabriela and wishing her the best and eating some of the surprise birthday cake...we packed our stuff said good bye and wished the next MGB won't keep us waiting so long:).

Just to prove you all we had a blast here are a few more pictures..

Keep it real... keep it Aiurea

Saturday, August 2, 2008

NOW it's time to help Alesia!!!

Dear friends, the auction began! Let's try to bring Alesia home, near her mommy and daddy. Thank you Catiut for your generosity, thank you all for help and involvement!!

Bid! Do some good! It's really needed and very much appreciated!

Kisses and hugs!

Friday, August 1, 2008

NEW on

Well, you can browse in here to do some quick and handy shopping ... it's easy, it's fun and you get to offer 10% to a charity project. all this, just by bidding on a must-have pair of Winehouse Slippers a.k.a. Rock Star :)

Concept – Inspiratie Amy Winehouse…putin glam, putin star, putin rock si cateva pastile...!
Material – Material textil, text pictat manual, punguta plastic cu medicamente (vitamine, paracetamol, metrocropramid etc :)

Model – Sanda/papuc inchis in fata, bareta elastica; poate fi purtat pe post de sanda - cu bareta dupa calcai, sau pe post de papuc - cu bareta peste picior
Numere disponibile- 35, 36, 37

Winehouse slippers sunt un model foarte 'indraznet', conceput in joaca pentru 'diva' care se ascunde in fiecare din noi. Sunt foarte comozi, usor de purtat, avand o culoare vie cu o tenta discreta de fir stralucitor, perfecta pentru a sublinia idea de glam. Si daca ai o zi proasta e posibil ca acesti papucei nebuni sa iti fie de ajutor…si sa iti ofere exact 'pastila' de care ai nevoie :)