Monday, July 7, 2008

Aiurea sang along with 'Grandma’…at B’est Fest 2008

Yes, it's a fact: ‘Aiurea’ moved in open air for the summertime, firstly at Verona Street, then at the Drum’n’Bass Festival, and last week out with the tent, at B’est Fest. We weren't alone, but with friends from Grandma's Backyard, together with Trinnie who took care everything go smooth and we thank her for that. We sang along three full, hot, but beautiful days.

We are not complaining, as we had the chance to meet lovely people and old friends, to taste freedom and good music, to hear jokes, to drink beer and to have lot of FUN :) The Fest(ival) was not only B'est, but 'aiurit' here and there by the
bolt girls who took our shoes out for a walk :)

The tent was full of imagination, clothes, accessories and fancy shoes.

We liked you all, e-vintage, always exquisite clothes and accessories - of course couldn't help not to adopt a few ties :) - Maia is amazing, we thank her for the laughs!. At Noko we discovered some reaaaaly cool t-shirts for men (had to take one :) At Now&Wow we saw a few must-haves purses and some superb dresses made just for these hot days. Cosmina from Fandacsia drove mad the whole tent with her unique and stylish hair bands (we, the girls from 'aiurea' felt in love incurable with the CD and syringe ones :). Burp let us play with her kiddiez - had lot of fun wearing those funny and original characters. Andreea from Biba came with her wonderful filmstrips and we can't help not to wear them (gotta have Casablanca on your ears). We also enjoyed the mushroom earrings made by Virginia Toma and a pair of spring flowers (to cool ourselves :) made by Oana from Tricksbox. From Coca (Zaboloteanu) we got some good laughs, warmth, delicate irony, a gorgeous pair of shoes with the 30's smell and a passion for the unisex Jazz pair (gotta have them, we promise :)

We sang together with Alanis, we jumped (around) with Cypress, we bounced our heads for Kaiser Chiefs, we madly danced in the tent for Roisin, we screamed at Manics and flew away with Nelly. During all these, we shared flyers, we sold Aiurea shoes, we met new people and we exchanged business cards.“

Yep, Roisin Murphy was in the Grandma's house :))

After too much sun, but as much oxygen from the bar near to our tent, water and inevitably ice cream, we packed our things and went home on Sunday night - tired, happy, drowsy but delighted that our 'aiurea' world was likable.

B'est Fest... we liked you too! :))

Here is a live journal from B'est Fest, written by our friend Roxana, from Tabu.

! all edited photos from the event will be posted in a couple of days on Flickr - we'll leave a link here

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excelent post! pozele sunt superbe... intotdeauna pe faza Cristina. Kiss kiss bang bang xoxo