Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big sale party... only at MGB! :)

Yep, we'll do it for Grannie.. we'll do the sale part! :)

Girls, girls, girls, the new edition of Grandma's is coming up, really soon if we might add - and we know we've all been waiting... so here she comes with new hot stuff for y' all.

As you probably already guessed, Aiurea will be there to hug her and kiss her…for there will be a celebration….big one actually. We’ll be prepared for you hungry-shoe-lovers with new discount prices …yes we know, the summer will be over soon so the discount season got us too :) So don’t just stand there, come on August 3 to Capitol Summer Theater to check out Grandma’s at its most.

Be anxious. Be very anxious! Cause we’re coming out to put some cool stuff under your feet.

The party will be a crazy and funky, so do pass by - we assure you won't regret it! :)) Happy birthday, Gabi!


funkylolita said... va astept cu drag :) pup

kasha said...

Ah, ce tari sint papucii.
Ce n-am gasit insa, e o galerie a modelelor existente. Iegzista pe undeva?

waybeyond said...

hello kasha...galeria este pe blog..toate creatiile noastre sunt pe blog si daca iti place ceva da-ne un semn pe
numai bine,