Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'Aiurea' in the mountains, 'aiurea' to the seaside...

Yep, aiuritele have big plans for this summer... If till now, you were seeing us in the B-ig city, now it's time for the provence :) We'll start the tour with a trip to Rasnov. Nope, we won't climb the mountains nor taking long walkings in the chill forests, but we are going to the fair, to the HandmadeArt Fest. 19 - 20 July, 2 days event in Rasnov fortress, an event to which we are really honored we were invited. The fair is also organized for charity purposes, thus 10% out of the selling will be reallocated to the paining class of the Palatul Copiilor Rasnov. The participants will be from all over the country and we are convinced we'll see there many interesting works gathered in one place. Curious to see, try, buy?... :D

From what we've heard, you'll find in there a little bit of everything: painting, sculpture, painted furniture, photographs, ceramics, engraving. All handmade! There will be plenty of other works to be discovered at the premises, so we will be there by all means.


What about You? :D

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