Friday, July 25, 2008

We were quite ‘aiurea’ at the Fortress..

We were just recovering from the Biggest event this year, as we found ourselves in the car, ready to drive out of the city. This time we didn’t listen to any music, but we took advantage of the stillness while we were breathing not oxygen, but fresh air :)

Fist edition of Handmadeart Fest took place last weekend at Rasnov Fortress - it was the perfect timing for us to participate, as we helped talented kids as much as we could and we took advantage of the sunny panorama which we planned to see in a shortest time possible :)

And we got there. Fully equipped we would say : bags full of shoes, tables, extensible chairs, banner, pictures, lamps and all that jazz(y) things we might think useful and here we were climbing to the fortress. It was strange at first or we’ve just had to get used with the place (to much green fields and might do you harm when you live between exhausted pipes :(, a little bit crowded and stressy – as we had to walk to the fortress !!! Great, we said to each other, and we grab the luggage and here it started the adventure… it wasn’t too far away, but we were overloaded and the effort seemed inhuman… almost like a marathon… a complex one, considering the obstacles.

Anyway, here we were, unpacking… us together with our luggage… and from then on we started the festival. At least from our point of view :) We were really impressed by the organizers hospitality, they are a bunch of very nice and understanding guys (thank you !), the variety of the participants, by the pleasant familiar atmosphere throughout our staying and by the visitors who seemed very positively surprised to find at the fortress other facts beside the ‘ruins’. Yes, we met some mighty artists and great manufacturers. We loved the earing, can’t help not to make ourselves presents – only for the help of supporting the young artists - if we weren’t done this, who else should’ve done it ? :)

We loved the purses, the dressed, we very much like Diana Osorhan… there were superb engravings, interesting photos, hand painted t-shirts, vintage printed wallets from Zaza and lots of crazy crafts. There was a little bit of everything: theater, violin recital, background 20s sounds between events… a bohemian atmosphere, flowing of freedom and youthfulness.

Cristina thought it was time to take her photos for a short walk. It was a good start, as they were really well received :) Until now they were very quit spending time mainly on flickr – guess they should be more active we’d say :)

When evening came, we discreetly backed out for serving some hot ciorba and a glass of wine, catching about life, events, aiurea and friendship…

One in all, it was pleasant, fresh, chilly and stirring… What’s next ? :)

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