Saturday, July 20, 2013

Atelier A!UREA is proud to introduce "PHOTO SHOOTING PRIVEE:"PIN UP STYLE" , your exquisite summer experience!

Starting this year Atelier A!UREA embarked on a new challenging path that goes by the name of "Aiuristique Events", an event planning partnership, ready to rock your world. On this new formula we prepared for you the innovative party concept: Photo Shooting Party, launched in March, this year.

The end of this month brings forth the third edition of this party embracing the “Pin Up Style” theme. You are welcomed to join us in this fashionably adventurous ride! Check out all the information regarding it, in the following lines:

Aiuristique Events is proud to announce the upcoming: 
27-28 of July, Bucharest

This stylish shooting comes to greet an adventurous summer bursting with extravagant outfits, colored dots, mesmerizing stripes, carefree curls and oversized bows all prepared to transform you into a sexy Pin Up Style Diva! 

The innovative PSP party concept managed to pull itself on the market thanks to its professional upbringing, originality and creativity- traits that are always to be found in our team. Our experienced photographers are ready to capture you in the most exquisite settings! Your outfit will be carefully picked up so as to match your personality and we’ll have all the AIUREALAND wardrobe at our disposal in the gingerish bohemian villa of AristoCats Bistro.

What will await you there?

-An all-inclusive photo shooting (make-up and hairstyling)

-“How to pose” tips & tricks
-Extravagant Atelier A!UREA outfits and hand painted CDS shoes at your disposal
-Styling advices
-Home Made snacks
-A surprise voucher for the “Pin it up & Pose” raffle, offered by Monroe Make-up and Hair Lounge

What will you take home?

-An electronic portfolio with the best photographs of you (resembling the ones in glamorous magazines)

-Discounts at beauty services offered by our partners

-Personalized advice for a change of look
-Smiles and good spirit after such a stylish experience

Hint: Check our the loads of fun we had at the launching of the "Photo Shooting Privee" concept:

And take a look at our very stylish partners: Luana Ibacka (Media partner):

and Geta Voinea, our profesional hair styling partner:

You can also check out the following video that our media partner Luana Ibacka gathered at the launching of "Photo Shooting Party" back in March to broadcasted nationally on her show: "Cunoaste, Viseaza, Iubeste"

The aiuristique photo shootings will take place in the following intervals:

Saturday, 27th July: 10.00AM-20.30PM
Sunday, 28th July: 10.00 AM- 20.30 PM

Come and check out our shabby chic, elegant, warm and welcoming location at the AristoCats Bistro!

The price for this private photo shooting by Aiuristique Events amounts to just 299 RON and it includes a make-up session, tips & tricks, hair-styling, a wardrobe of unique articles and custom made hand painted shoes, all at your disposal, along with styling advice, home-made snacks, electronic portfolio comprising of the best photographs of you and discounts at all the services provided by our partners! If you will register along with two or more friends you will all purchase the tickets at a discounted fee of just 250Ron/ticket.

We vouch for an exquisite experience shared with passionate and talented people. All the smiles and good spirit will accompany all these things!

And now, check out our video teaser:

DO send us now your RSVP with an email at, along with a full and complete name and a telephone number. We will reply in the shortest time with the financial data and all the details regarding the day and hour of your appointment!

The deadline for submissions is : 22 July, 24.00AM
*keep in mind that the tickets are limited.

Follow us on our facebook page as all the juicy details will be posted there!
And if you haven’t join our event you can do it now right here: 

And here’s an aiuristique present idea!
A close friend celebrates her birthday this month and you’re out of present ideas?

It’s all so simple! Offer her the FREE PASS to our “PHOTO SHOOTING PRIVEE: Pin Up Style”! She will definitely appreciate the gesture!

The electronic voucher will be printed and delivered to the birthday girl’s address by our team! Just don’t forget to mention it to us!

If you are looking for further information contact us anytime at the following numbers: 0733. 30 30 38/39 (Cristina)!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Corina Bud, vintage shopping at Atelier A!UREA

A while ago we were glad to have Corina Bud as our client at the boutique! She is a Romanian singer known for her adventurous and exquisite sense of style but also for her catchy funky songs and videos!

At the boutique she was accompanied by Natalia Mateut to whom she confessed her love for vintage items that can be easily worn at thematic parties or on the stage. Corina went on arguing that vintage items are more than just second hand clothes and most of them are luxury pieces that are unique and can be appropriated to the burlesque style to witch she was introduced by her personal stylist, Dana Budeanu.
We look forward to having her around again, as our boutique is now filled with vintage must have items fit for a glamorous look on the stage! If you want to grasp a piece of her style we invite you to watch Corina’s video for the song : “No Sleeping” 

Corina (left) together with Cristina Ivan (right) - the Owner of AIUREALAND (powered by Atelier A!UREA and CDS)

Evening Colors, fashion shooting, the A!UREA way!

IMG_2456 copy

A new week brings forth another a!uristique shooting bursting with colors and pretty shapes, elegant designs and extravagant accessories!
Cristiana Pantea captured the mysterious blond model wearing a diaphane baby-blue tutu over a rainbow colored designer dress, adorned with circled shapes of colored leather around the neck line. The inspiring graffiti walls of the old city center provide the perfect location and the say the least! For the ones in love with this spring colors the two items are still available at the boutique! The tutu can be yours for only 147 RON while the designer dress can be purchased at 154 RON!

IMG_2474 copy
IMG_2483 copy

For a glamorous brunch we warmly recommend the “Green and Me” vintage dress, inspired from the joyfull 60’s style and beautifully hand painted for our “Color Me Pretty” collection! Wear it with floral accessories and you’re done! In love with it? Come try it on, at our showroom on Carol 45 and take it home for just 164 RON!

IMG_2513 copy

IMG_2505 copy
IMG_2494 copy

If you’re looking for the perfect dramatic dress to wear at the next party in town, then you’ll definitely need to have a look at the “Sparkles Underneath” designer dress, also available at our boutique for just 187 RON! 

IMG_2417 copy
IMG_2408 copy

Wear it with baroque inspired accessories like our unique necklace (available at 69 RON!) and don’t forget to smile at the camera!
IMG_2399 copy

More such outfits are available at our boutique on Carol 45 or online on our facebook page:  Hurry up and give us a call, because we are available by appointments only!
We would like to thank the creative team:
Photography: Cristiana Pantea

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shooting à la Olsen sisters with A!UREA outfits!

Today we decided to talk about another one of our favorite styling collaborations! This time, the project involves one of our favorite fashionistas, Lumi Balaban, owner of Read My Mind blog who had a brilliant idea for a shooting inspired by the bohemian über chic style of the Olsen sister!



In the following pictures you will come across two beautiful blond girls wearing black and white outfits with interesting colorful twists! The first set of pictures depicts the elegant side of the Olsen sisters: clean cut jackets, pleated skirts and long fishnet dresses. Lumi is wearing the vintage black pleated skirt and the white and pure jacket while her friend shines like a true star in a long black fishnet dress. Both outfits are accessorized with opulent vintage accessories and black clutches.



The second set of pictures shows a rather playful and innocent Olsen look: the girls are happily wearing their ballerina tutus with tight tops and chunky pearl necklaces. We couldn’t take our eyes of this set and mainly Lumi’s massage t-shirt: “You look better on Facebook!”




For which of these look would you go for?  Whatever your choice Atelier A!UREA will provide you with the most original and chic look! Don’t forget to check our official Facebook page for more a!urea vintage items: 

Lots of thanks to the beautiful team:

Shooting Concept: Lumi Balaban
Photo credits: Mihai Blanaru
Outfits: Atelier A!UREA
Make up: Iunia Mincu
Styling: Rodi Vlad
Hairstyling: Salon Egoist
Location: Caffe Zodiac-Cocor

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vintage, jazz and loads of fun! Atelier A!UREA and Cuantune

Today we’re excited to introduce to you a team of inspiring people with whom we had the pleasure to collaborate more than once. They go by the name of Cuantune, and they have been singing together since the spring of 2010.  We saw them in concerts in the old city center almost every month of the year, and we’re constantly falling in love with their jazzy, funk, soul and bits of hip hop vibes. Thus, when they contacted us looking for a chic elegant classy dress that Elizabeth would wear in their forthcoming video, Tonight, we instantly said yes and set out to find the perfect dress! After trying different outfits we agreed that the 80’s Sweet Tinsel dress with an over sized bow would be the best choice! You can see Elizabeth shining while wearing this vintage evening gown in the following clip, and we are pleased to inform you that the dress is still available at the boutique!

Pleased with our surreal outfits and colorful accessories the collaboration went on and we were invited to join the making of their next video, for the song called Addiction! This time, the setting was more relaxed, depicting Elizabeth while walking the streets of the old city center, or the entire band singing on the roof tops next to the violet skies! At the beginning of the clip, Mario is rapping on the first floor of the Gabroveni 24 interior garden.

For this video we chose three playful outfits: first the 50’s inspired black dress with lace and tinsel details to which we added the extravagant floral brooch, next the aubergine tulip shaped dress worn with a massive two colored leather necklace and a touch of tiny gold brooches while the last dress, showed a more delicate and joyful attitude worn with the organic black earrings in the interior garden of Lipscani’s Tea Store next to our boutique! From these colored outfits only the Black Organic earrings are still available at the boutique, and they can be all yours for just 54 RON!

We invite you to forget all your worries and tune in with these magnificent jazzy songs and enjoy what’e left of this cozy afternoon!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dreaming of summer days! Atelier A!UREA on GetLokal's shopping list!

In the midst of the last year's sunny July, the joyful team from GetLokal contacted us for a brief feature in their show! They all represent a video project whose agenda aims at providing you with the most exciting and interesting things to do, visit and adore in our lovely city.

For that's week's show they forgot all about the crowded malls and decided to pay us a visit and present our fancy boutique to their most young and daring audience. We eagerly welcomed their lovely host, Ana along with their guest, Luiza, from Transport Urban and we let them have the fun of their lives in our enchanted little place!

Ana adored the long skirt with flying dark birds and the deep turcoise shirt while Luiza stopped at a vintage piece, the apricot sweets dress. They also had a look at our designer accesories or the vintage musts of the hot season, such as the crazy pink glasses!

All in all it was a delightful experience, and we just can't wait for them to visit us again! To all of you we only wish your February would get as hot as the July in the video! Don't forget that you can still pay us a visit, on Gabroveni 24 or you can order online every little item that caught your attention!

*starting with min 0.46

The lovely crew responsible for the video is the following:

Getlokal Girl: Ana Revnic
Guest: Luiza Dăncescu (Transport Urban)
Filming and Editing:  Dorin Moldoveanu

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Three A!UREA-styled friends!

Today’s post is all about another amazing project we embarked upon last year.  Dragos Manea, one of our favorite photographers invited us to join him in a collaboration with “United Colors” a beauty salon in the heart of Bucharest. Hairstylists there were putting together a personal collection of hairstyles and haircuts and were planning to make them public through an eye-catching sensational shooting!

Obviously our part of the project consisted in finding three outfits that would fit the predominantly futuristic looks of the girls from the “United Colors” hairstyle collection.  Luckily our a!uristic wardrobe was prepared with an interesting mix of vintage and new, colorful and daring making the shooting a total success!
The Pink’n’Sweet outfit is by far our favorite! We love the rainbow tutu the bold fishnet top that go hand in hand with the multicolored hairdo and the genuine smile of the model!

Another look took a more elegant side thanks to our Alice in Wonderland dress, vintage white belt  and the classy black velvet gloves sweetened by the pinkish tiny brooches at their ends!



The last look, took a more Asian vibe due to the energetic young model and we couldn’t think of anything that would suit her best than the shinny alien vest with delicate touched of tourcoise!


More colored and futuristic outfits await you at the boutique every day! Do stop by!
You can still buy the Vintage White Belt  for just 46 RON on our facebook page.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Atelier A!UREA at the “Celebrating Life” Gala

A few months ago, we received an invitation to attend “Ce se intampla Doctore”’s upcomming event: the celebration of their seven years of working at the famous transmedia project, running under the same name, offering their audience more than just a glossy magazine.


The magazine’s main focus is to provide a genuine reply to their audience’s main problems, they address to all layers of readers, and they put great interest in issues of utmost importance. Their events soon came to be attended by all sorts of people who work or study in the domains of beauty and health.


At the “Celebrating Gala” we were introduced to some of the greatest figures in beauty and health, people who excel in their work fields and to whom we should all be thankful!


Our fancy boutique was represented at the gala by Cristina Ivan, owner of Atelier A!UREA, who wore a monochrome outfit of black skirt and white shirt, all seasoned with delicate embroideries and black lace, and accessorized with a almost masculine black hat.


Come and take a look at the wonderful outfits and don’t forget to “tune in” on our Facebook page for more a!uristic outfits, waiting for you to try them on and wear them at the next gala in town!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just another glamorous A!UREA insipired shooting!

The new week brings along another inspiring set of pictures, where A!UREA vintage clothes, 
designer items and chic accessories are caught in their most exciting pose! 


Lavinia Furtuna, the blondish model from MRA agency lets herself photographed in glamorous outfits that comprise of the shinny patched jacket and the playful but dark black tutu, while her accessories, the black hat , the glasses and the sparkling skull necklace let one think of Michael Jackson's famous style. Our favorite piece are the futuristic glasses, cleverly captured by our photographer, Andrei Ivan.


In the next pictures, Lavinia keeps on looking sexy, in an animal print shirt whose chromatics beautifully frame her blond curls and baby face. The mauve and aubergine make-up fits perfectly with her blue eyes adding to the mysterious vibe of the entire photo shoot.


Lavinia's outfits are still available at our boutique, in the old city center. If you can't pay us a visit you can order them online, with a simple email at:! More A!UREA items are available on our official Facebook page.

Do call us and schedule your visit!

We woudl like to thank out creative crew for this lovely photo shoot:

Photographer: Andrei Ivan Photography
Model : Lavinia Furtuna ( MRA Models Agency)
Makeup & Hairstyle: Anca Make-up & Hairstyle

A!UREA outfit of the day

"Ready for Tennis"

Tennis Escapade skirt, size 40: 79lei
Top Coral Sweets, size 38: 67 lei

photo by Matematika Media

photography by Matematika Media

Thursday, January 24, 2013

La fille qui aime le jazz ♥

Are you curious to find out more about this mysterious girl?  

Well, she is the owner of the most glamorous vintage boutique in Bucharest, she loves people’s smiles, trees, the calm sea and inside-out beautiful people, hats and vintage fairs, twisted a!urea articles, stories and exotic food prepared by her very own chef Julien and that special moment at home, with jazz playing softly in the background, cats lounging undisturbed while an old motion picture find its way out of the telly next to her unstrained special one.

Her guilty pleasures are: flour puffs, red wine and old Romanian pop music.



There photos are part of LaChaterie’s hair accessories project: "Lesfillesflorissantes ". 

These floral hair accessories are available starting today at Atelier A!UREA on Gabroveni 24, where other queer, twisted and vintage items find their way on the hangers! Dare to stop by and be a!urea with us!

Photos taken by: Isabella Vijiiac

In the mood for A!UREA shootings!

Camelia was our muse for a winterish photo shooting last week.  For the ones who still don’t know her, she’s one of the hosts of the “Matinalul 2.0”- TVH’s morning show. She is young, daring and attractive and she recently became one of our a!urea clients.


In the following photos you can catch a glimpse of her a!urea outfits, and recapture the glamorous Marlene Dietrich vibes from the black and white tinsel coat and the shinny bumpy bowtie  elegantly combined with her blond curly hair.



We love her French looks, in the next set of pictures! The monochrome shirts and intensely colored accessories are a must for every fashionable gal, and Camelia pulls of an androgynous look by adding the masculine black beaver.


A more playful little girl appears next, when Camelia wears the happy red tutu and a pair of Minnie Mouse ears. We can only think of the fun she had at the shooting, in such comfortable looks!


We hoped you enjoyed Camelia’d monochrome vs. color set of outfits and we’re eagerly waiting for your visit at the boutique, in the old city center!

We would like to thank our wonderful crew , who made this shooting possible:

Photos: Matematika Media
Make-up and Hair: Anca Elena Balan
Model: Camelia Capitanu

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Atelier A!UREA for the TVH 2.0’s morning show!

Yesterday we spend a funny couple of hours with the lovely crew from “Matinalul 2.0” a morning show on TVH where Camelia, Tina and Robert entertain their viewers each morning with information that ranges from news to cultural activities, aerobic exercises, nutrition advice, music, interesting guests and colored entertaining features on medley topics.

20130122_153841 copy


Their colored and entertaining feature for next week’s program was a piece on our fancy boutique, which they've just discovered online. They’ve fallen in love with us and with our a!urea style, so the feature naturally came together when two of our favorite clients, Nadia and Mimi decided to join us.

20130122_154419 (1) copy

We talked about the items available at the boutique, the glamorously chic vintage clothes, our new collection of hand painted skirts, dresses and shirts,  the colored custom made shoes and the extravagantly bold accessories.

20130122_151431 copy

Next we took our two clients and friends on an a!urea shopping spree, where colors, smiles and good spirit floated in the air! Nadia chose a pretty-chic outfit comprising of a peter-pan collar blouse and a beautifully painted red skirt while Mimi could not take her hands of our vintage hair accessories, she tried them all on, and simply adored the military cap and the “disco queen” glasses!

20130122_152936 copy

Camelia, the lovely presenter, felt in love with one of our designer coats that fit her wonderfully, making her piece of the interview resemble a fabulous futuristic catwalk show!
You can only catch a glimpse of the tone of fun we had just by looking at these pictures! We can’t wait for the footage to go on air, next week!
Until then you can find us on facebook, on our official page Atelier A!UREA ready to give glamorous fashion advice and to present our “vintage with a twist” clothes and accessories!



20130125_091613 copy