Thursday, January 24, 2013

La fille qui aime le jazz ♥

Are you curious to find out more about this mysterious girl?  

Well, she is the owner of the most glamorous vintage boutique in Bucharest, she loves people’s smiles, trees, the calm sea and inside-out beautiful people, hats and vintage fairs, twisted a!urea articles, stories and exotic food prepared by her very own chef Julien and that special moment at home, with jazz playing softly in the background, cats lounging undisturbed while an old motion picture find its way out of the telly next to her unstrained special one.

Her guilty pleasures are: flour puffs, red wine and old Romanian pop music.



There photos are part of LaChaterie’s hair accessories project: "Lesfillesflorissantes ". 

These floral hair accessories are available starting today at Atelier A!UREA on Gabroveni 24, where other queer, twisted and vintage items find their way on the hangers! Dare to stop by and be a!urea with us!

Photos taken by: Isabella Vijiiac

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