Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Classy Navy Shirt: How to wear!

In the middle of a frosty week, A!UREA suggest a styling exercise that implies the 'old' and classy navy shirt, a must in every fashionista's wardrobe! Where would you wear this shirt?

A!UREA suggest 2 outfits, one inspired by the glamorous Eiffel tour and the French berets while the other is the epitome of 90's funky'n'rock style!
Which one is your favorite?

The two outfits comprise of:

A la French:
Trench Baggy Something, size 40-42: 40 RON
Shirt Navy, size 40: 40 RON
Beret Mr. Moustache by Utopic Art for A!iurea: 86 RON
Bag Coloured Nudes: 129 RON
Scarf Stripes and Dots: 37 RON

Funky 90's:
Shirt Navy, size 40: 40 RON
Skirt Attitude Girl, size 34-36: 78 RON
Bag Green Shapes: 97 RON
Glasses All Black: 43 RON
Earrings Miss Madonna: 25 RON
Bandana Banana Split by Papionaut for A!urea: 39 RON

All items in this picture are still available at the boutique and they can be ordered online! If you fancy either of them, they will be sent to your place in a heartbeat! All you have to do is email us at and tell us which are your favorite items!



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