Tuesday, January 22, 2013

British Weekend Outfit @ A!UREA!

A rainy end of the week couldn't be anything else but " British" so A!UREA's outfit suggestion for a casual Friday in town is in red and blue! We would proudly wear the "Make me British" outfit at the movies or at a party! Where would you wear this outfit?

The "Make me British" outfit comprises of:

1) Blouse Electric Blue, universal size: 69 RON
2) Tutu Dancing Queen, universal size, by Veronica Biliboc for A!UREA: 124 RON
3) Glasses Miss Bond: 43 RON
4) Scarf Colored Geometries: 32 RON
5) Tie Preppy Red: 10 RON
7) Neckalce Fancy Mouse: 29 RON
8) Bag Burberry Snoop: 78 RON

All items in this outfit are still available at the boutique and they can be ordered online! If you fancy either of them, they will be sent to your place in a heartbeat! All you have to do is email us at atelier.aiurea@gmail.com and tell us which are your favorite items!

If you want to pay us a visit you only have to give us a call at:

0733.303.038 - Cristina (Owner of Atelier A!urea)
0746.274.154 - Ana (Supervising and Communication Manager)


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