Tuesday, January 27, 2009

jUSt win

in two easy steps you can win a pair of Walking the dog shoes. all this, with the help of styleguide.ro, the only guide to fit your style :) click here and drop a note so you can walk in our shoes :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

ECOol, people! :)

25 december 2008

Holidays are coming… ECO spirit comes to life…

Yes… holidays are coming, as a dear jingle once said, and since ECO is so cool these days, we thought Eco could also be the new Christmas decoration trend. EcoPeople magazine invited us, amongst other local artists, to put out some brand new ideas for Christmas. So they sent us a tree and we resent it back tuned in our shoe-ish style :) Curious what we came up with? Hmmm…well, shoes of course! We cut out some pictures of shoes from old glossy magazines and transformed them into tree decorations, used corks on strings as tinsels, damaged light bulb as the tree’s crown…and that’s about it. Simple enough? Well it is! and yes, you can do it at home, totally safe and eco. Your Christmas can be different this year…if you choose to recycle. The tree will be displayed soon in Eco people magazine and probably somewhere to be seen live. Information on location will be provided soon … so bear with us for a while and maybe we’ll meet there.

Don’t let the consumer era consume you, recycle… for an easy New Year!