Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just another glamorous A!UREA insipired shooting!

The new week brings along another inspiring set of pictures, where A!UREA vintage clothes, 
designer items and chic accessories are caught in their most exciting pose! 


Lavinia Furtuna, the blondish model from MRA agency lets herself photographed in glamorous outfits that comprise of the shinny patched jacket and the playful but dark black tutu, while her accessories, the black hat , the glasses and the sparkling skull necklace let one think of Michael Jackson's famous style. Our favorite piece are the futuristic glasses, cleverly captured by our photographer, Andrei Ivan.


In the next pictures, Lavinia keeps on looking sexy, in an animal print shirt whose chromatics beautifully frame her blond curls and baby face. The mauve and aubergine make-up fits perfectly with her blue eyes adding to the mysterious vibe of the entire photo shoot.


Lavinia's outfits are still available at our boutique, in the old city center. If you can't pay us a visit you can order them online, with a simple email at:! More A!UREA items are available on our official Facebook page.

Do call us and schedule your visit!

We woudl like to thank out creative crew for this lovely photo shoot:

Photographer: Andrei Ivan Photography
Model : Lavinia Furtuna ( MRA Models Agency)
Makeup & Hairstyle: Anca Make-up & Hairstyle

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