Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Three A!UREA-styled friends!

Today’s post is all about another amazing project we embarked upon last year.  Dragos Manea, one of our favorite photographers invited us to join him in a collaboration with “United Colors” a beauty salon in the heart of Bucharest. Hairstylists there were putting together a personal collection of hairstyles and haircuts and were planning to make them public through an eye-catching sensational shooting!

Obviously our part of the project consisted in finding three outfits that would fit the predominantly futuristic looks of the girls from the “United Colors” hairstyle collection.  Luckily our a!uristic wardrobe was prepared with an interesting mix of vintage and new, colorful and daring making the shooting a total success!
The Pink’n’Sweet outfit is by far our favorite! We love the rainbow tutu the bold fishnet top that go hand in hand with the multicolored hairdo and the genuine smile of the model!

Another look took a more elegant side thanks to our Alice in Wonderland dress, vintage white belt  and the classy black velvet gloves sweetened by the pinkish tiny brooches at their ends!



The last look, took a more Asian vibe due to the energetic young model and we couldn’t think of anything that would suit her best than the shinny alien vest with delicate touched of tourcoise!


More colored and futuristic outfits await you at the boutique every day! Do stop by!
You can still buy the Vintage White Belt  for just 46 RON on our facebook page.

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