Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vintage, jazz and loads of fun! Atelier A!UREA and Cuantune

Today we’re excited to introduce to you a team of inspiring people with whom we had the pleasure to collaborate more than once. They go by the name of Cuantune, and they have been singing together since the spring of 2010.  We saw them in concerts in the old city center almost every month of the year, and we’re constantly falling in love with their jazzy, funk, soul and bits of hip hop vibes. Thus, when they contacted us looking for a chic elegant classy dress that Elizabeth would wear in their forthcoming video, Tonight, we instantly said yes and set out to find the perfect dress! After trying different outfits we agreed that the 80’s Sweet Tinsel dress with an over sized bow would be the best choice! You can see Elizabeth shining while wearing this vintage evening gown in the following clip, and we are pleased to inform you that the dress is still available at the boutique!

Pleased with our surreal outfits and colorful accessories the collaboration went on and we were invited to join the making of their next video, for the song called Addiction! This time, the setting was more relaxed, depicting Elizabeth while walking the streets of the old city center, or the entire band singing on the roof tops next to the violet skies! At the beginning of the clip, Mario is rapping on the first floor of the Gabroveni 24 interior garden.

For this video we chose three playful outfits: first the 50’s inspired black dress with lace and tinsel details to which we added the extravagant floral brooch, next the aubergine tulip shaped dress worn with a massive two colored leather necklace and a touch of tiny gold brooches while the last dress, showed a more delicate and joyful attitude worn with the organic black earrings in the interior garden of Lipscani’s Tea Store next to our boutique! From these colored outfits only the Black Organic earrings are still available at the boutique, and they can be all yours for just 54 RON!

We invite you to forget all your worries and tune in with these magnificent jazzy songs and enjoy what’e left of this cozy afternoon!

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