Thursday, February 7, 2013

Atelier A!UREA at the “Celebrating Life” Gala

A few months ago, we received an invitation to attend “Ce se intampla Doctore”’s upcomming event: the celebration of their seven years of working at the famous transmedia project, running under the same name, offering their audience more than just a glossy magazine.


The magazine’s main focus is to provide a genuine reply to their audience’s main problems, they address to all layers of readers, and they put great interest in issues of utmost importance. Their events soon came to be attended by all sorts of people who work or study in the domains of beauty and health.


At the “Celebrating Gala” we were introduced to some of the greatest figures in beauty and health, people who excel in their work fields and to whom we should all be thankful!


Our fancy boutique was represented at the gala by Cristina Ivan, owner of Atelier A!UREA, who wore a monochrome outfit of black skirt and white shirt, all seasoned with delicate embroideries and black lace, and accessorized with a almost masculine black hat.


Come and take a look at the wonderful outfits and don’t forget to “tune in” on our Facebook page for more a!uristic outfits, waiting for you to try them on and wear them at the next gala in town!

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