Monday, April 21, 2008

ready to be 'aiurea' with us?

How often have you found yourself wearing the same model of shoes as at least a few other fashion victims? Maybe that's when you feel you need to do something to get you out of the ordinary and help you get rid of the "mass production" tag. This is what we do these days...fight against "the standard, the ordinary and the humdrum".
How we do it, you ask? Well... it's easy: we take the shoe - as plain as possible- on the market and give it a whole new look; we print it, sew it, glue it, paint it.. doing whatever it takes to make it cool, young, fresh... just right for young, hip, open minds... always "ready to wear" something else, to make a statement throughout 'aiurea' shoes? ...

Who are we, you might wonder... so wonder no more :D Cristina, Oana, Alexa, probably the three stooges of the shoe land....three old friends once eaten by the corporate world, now, one rescued
(Cristina) and the other two still fighting the system :). It was at first a personal need, then a hobby and now a purpose, a way to get out from the world, an excuse to get together as much as possible and why not a hand to the cool gagiks out there looking for that thing right on their feet!

So let's cut to the chase:

want something cool. write us.
want some accessible shoes. write us.
want just to bring an idea out to life. again just write us.

we'll "negotiate" a good shoe...
Come see our work and leave us a note. let us know what you think, we might just take your word on it :D

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