Saturday, April 26, 2008

Been to the Grandma's... third!

Great being to this well known Yard, seeing all that fresh new ideas all together... nice to have met all of you in such an inspiring and colorful place. 'Aiurea' seemed to have left a good impression to some of you :) many nice words, happy faces and curious glimpses towards our corner. guess we should be more 'aiurea' and make NOW some new funky pairs, showing you more of us... anywhere possible :D so stick around, check the blogs, see the sites. we'll be there soon enough.

by the way, many thanks to Gabi for having us there! and for having the nerves for all of us :))

a big hug to Roxana from :), Raluca from Stiletto, Ailin from Bolero, Catalina & Nancy from f-king mirror, Andra from Flu and Adina from Hot City who supported us from the very first.. step :))

see you next time girls! till then, we post here a few pics from the event together with the... reviews :

Pro TV social news
Hot City

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