Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A!UREA's fashion tip of the week!

For a springy Wednesday, the team at A!UREA suggests a statement mix: the monochrome tweed and the colored floral accessories! The black and white mix will always be in trend while the freshness of the flowers will turn your outfit into a nonconformist boldy twist! Our suggestion:

*  Monochorme Tweed skirt , size 38: 64 RON!
*  Frida ComeBack hair accessories by Marta Claudia for A!urea: 149 RON!

More crazy items await you at the boutique! If you want to pay us a visit you only have to give us a call at:

0733.303.038 - Cristina (Owner of Atelier A!urea)
0746.274.154 - Ana (Supervising and Communication Manager)

If you fancy either of our products, they can be sent to your place in a heartbeat! All you have to do is email us at and tell us which are your favorite items!


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