Thursday, January 24, 2013

In the mood for A!UREA shootings!

Camelia was our muse for a winterish photo shooting last week.  For the ones who still don’t know her, she’s one of the hosts of the “Matinalul 2.0”- TVH’s morning show. She is young, daring and attractive and she recently became one of our a!urea clients.


In the following photos you can catch a glimpse of her a!urea outfits, and recapture the glamorous Marlene Dietrich vibes from the black and white tinsel coat and the shinny bumpy bowtie  elegantly combined with her blond curly hair.



We love her French looks, in the next set of pictures! The monochrome shirts and intensely colored accessories are a must for every fashionable gal, and Camelia pulls of an androgynous look by adding the masculine black beaver.


A more playful little girl appears next, when Camelia wears the happy red tutu and a pair of Minnie Mouse ears. We can only think of the fun she had at the shooting, in such comfortable looks!


We hoped you enjoyed Camelia’d monochrome vs. color set of outfits and we’re eagerly waiting for your visit at the boutique, in the old city center!

We would like to thank our wonderful crew , who made this shooting possible:

Photos: Matematika Media
Make-up and Hair: Anca Elena Balan
Model: Camelia Capitanu

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