Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yep, it was all about Grandma'

Yes dear friends, we attended the 4th and greatest edition of Grandmas's Backyard so far. It was last Sunday at the Capitol Summer Theatre and celebrated both Gabriela's birthday and the summer big sales party.

The atmosphere was lovely as always as we were among old friends, artists, good music (thanks to DJ Lucas for making us dance in the middle of the day).

We had some furry companions during the day :))

The space was filled with artists as well as fashion and bargain addicts....we wellcomed them all

We were there with Aiurea Shoes.....but this time Cristina could not join us so we brought out her very cool pictures...

So anyway, after a very long and hot day, after meeting new artists, seeing the old B'est Fest friends, kissing Gabriela and wishing her the best and eating some of the surprise birthday cake...we packed our stuff said good bye and wished the next MGB won't keep us waiting so long:).

Just to prove you all we had a blast here are a few more pictures..

Keep it real... keep it Aiurea

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