Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the mood for HALLOWEEN?

522336_416113831776355_1254013689_n all black witch costume with its fancy red whig 318713_416216188432786_432259247_n Romanian Halloween at Atelier A!UREA - on 31st, one of the twelve feminine fantasms stopped by our crazy boutique and is so close to lend you her costume for tonight's Halloween party! If an all white costume with bells and wings is what you're looking for then hurry up and join us in the interior garden of Lipscani's Tea Store and get ready to party! halloween 189194_413726668681738_1138371087_n 374099_413721022015636_2105685975_n 375414_269890966398643_793220235_n 22801_414348238619581_305852_n Our crazy boutique is getting ready for another Halloween! Dare to visit us and get your favorite item for the Halloween party! You can choose from various costumes: Knight, Nun, Witch, Princess, Fairy and accessories such as masques, glasses, bunny ears and tails fit for every thematic party in town! The price for a costume varies between 69 and 134 RON and accessories can be purchased at prices between 14 and 54 RON! Please see HERE the updated pictures with all the crazy Halloween items you may find at A!UREA, in the interior garden of Lipscani Tea Store (Gabroveni 24). Hello Halloween! indian BollyWood reinvented costume ( you can buy it for 134 RON!) to which one might add complex golden jewelry and glamour make up!

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