Sunday, October 9, 2011

New journey for A!UREA

Leaves change their colour, autumn takes its place and no one is more prepared for the thrills of a new season than us, the happy faces from Atelier A!UREA.  To make the transit even more  interesting we joined the wonderful team of Floraria Lipscani from Gabroveni 24th and engaged in a journey where silky dresses find their way through vintage decorations and where smilying accesories reflect themselves in breathtaking mirrors.  We are nothing but enthusiastic  of the result  and beacause a picture paints a thousand words we added some photos for you to grasp a little of the charm and serenity this mixture reveals :)

imag 1

Here’s an outfit for the chilly days to come, both powerful and sweet, for an independent heart who’s not afraid to show a little bit of confidence mixed with heavy and intense jewelry .

imag 2

imag 3

Accessories are the key element to the perfect outfit and it’s our pleasure to mix and match them with this rock’n’glitter outfit. We tamed this strong composition with the smooth touch of the lace and silk brooches.

imag 4

So don’t waste not another minute of this precious autumn weekend and join us in the heart of the Old City Center  on Gabroveni Street for  an unforgetable  expericence.

imag 5

imag 6

imag 7

And stay tuned for the official opening of our new store designed by Corina Cristescu, a very talented young architect,  who was also idealy drawn our first A!UREA space.

Our schedule is from Monday to Sunday, between 12:00 p.m. and 20:00 p.m.

See you at A!UREA

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