Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nude and Lilac for New Year's Eve!

If you're looking for an elegant and sassy outfit for the New Year's Eve party, come try our Nude&Lilac combination that will definitely bring all eyes and flash lights on you! The outfit comprises of:


*Corset Sweets to Go, size 38 by Cristina Popovici for A!urea:187 RON
*Tutu All Nudes, universal size, by Veronica Biliboc for A!urea: 147 RON
*Hair Bandana  Lilac Fun (used as a scarf) by Papionaut for A!urea:39 RON
*Necklace Lock My Heart by Veronica Biliboc for A!urea: 47 RON
*Shoes Pixelate Letters, size 37: 240 RON

All above items are still available at the boutique and can be reserved online for 24 hours!
Today we're open until 20.30 pm! Do pass by!

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