Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All the reasons to get yourself a colorful silky dress

To our “ a!urea” thinking, there is no greater pleasure on these winterish days than to wear a designer silk skirt, a piece of clothing that should definitely find its place in every girl’s closet. Be it a long, short, pleated, from lace or leather we all wore it and we all love it. Just in case you’re wondering how you can wear this wonderful piece of clothing we come to your aid with some suggestions on how to wear a skirt.


We chose for our demonstration a designer skirt, made entirely of silk whose rainbow pattern makes it a must have for the season. The lovely girl who designed it is none other than Kikilou, a rebel with whom you’ll definitely cross paths in the months to come as she’ll be designing small collections exclusively for our boutique.

To get down to business ..: we came up with three different outfits whose main component is the silk dress. So, outfit nr 1: “Like a lady” is the perfect combination for a diligent working girl, who, in the midst of paper files, contracts and meetings finds the time to put together a happy combination of clothes and colors. She doesn’t forget the purple cap or the vintage XXL bag, accessories which top up a perfect outfit for an almost winter day.






For outfit no 2 we chose to wear the skirt as a cape to which we added a yellow tutu and a bunch of doll inspired accessories. The result? A perfect image for a nice evening in town, with girls or boys and lots of cocktails. Wear this inspiring combination and we assure you, all the eyes will be on you!





Outfit no. 2 "As cute as a doll"
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Outfit no 3 is a combination for the party girls or for those who have to attend a fancy event. This time, the skirt is transformed into a one-shoulder dress which is best worn with a tinsel belt. As a fancy event requires a fancy dress code we added to our designer dress/skirt a designer jacket and a beautiful white fur collar. The creativity is infinite when it comes to jewelry but we stopped at a striped scarf and a red dots bow.







So here are our three recommendations for the silk skirt. Of course, the mix is limitless, all you need is imagination and the place where you’ll find all the clothes and accessories you desire, which is certainly… Atelier A!UREA. We’re looking forward to seeing you these days at our marvelous new location on Gabroveni 24, where we can exchange fashion advice daily between 12:00 and 20:00 and drink hot cups of tea!:)

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