Monday, March 26, 2012


Our leather samples: Shoes with special prices this month at Atelier A!urea: - classic high heels shoes (plain leather, without custom paint): 199 lei - stiletto shoes: 209 lei (plain leather, without custom paint) - pumps: 239 lei (plain leather, without custom paint) - high heels sandals: 198 lei (plain leather, without custom paint) - pumps sandals: 229 lei (plain leather, without custom paint) - sandals and flat shoes: 196 lei (plain leather, without custom paint) - boots and trampers: 249 lei (plain leather, without custom paint) If you wish to choose a special leather (print, newspaper, glamour, letters etc) for the already mentioned styles, 20lei will be added the the basic price (mentioned above. The amount for the painted shoes vary between 60 lei and 90 lei, depending on the difficulty of the painting, and includes the mastering of the shoes and their ulterior painting. All of our shoes are custom made using any block color of leather(turcoise, coral, dark green), tones of grey or beige and other lots of special prints (newspaper, glamour looks, fancy letters etc). You can find all the available leather samples at our boutique. We can even provide special bootlasts apart from the ones available, so to fit any requirements ; these can apply for the shoes that have a conic or a dexter heel, the flat shoes to which we can apply a flexible bottom, we can transform a classic shoe in a peep toe one. Moreover, we can custom paint the shoes you chose with a drawing that has already been executed at our boutique or you can have them painted with a drawing of your preference, so to fit for example to a theme party or the event at which you will wear them. We are kindly inviting you in the interior garden of the compound Gabroveni 24, to try on our different bootlasts while browsing through our leather samples, leather of the best quality. Due date of a shoe order: 7 days from the moment you pay off an advance of 100 lei. In case of an emergency we can deliver an order in just 4 days without a custom painting of the shoe. For further details you can contact us at or to our telephone number : 021 311.33.18 (between 12:00 and 20:00 o’clock)

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