Monday, December 5, 2011

Celebrating the 1st of December in our own way!


In the heart of the old city center at the wonderful compound of Gabroveni 24, the national holiday got fancier and stylish by the day! Starting with the 1st of December and following with the weekend the party was an on-going feast where the three stores welcomed the clients with incredible contemporary insipired canvases by Atelier de Creatie bohemian interior design accesories or bougeois floral arrangements by Floraria Lipscani and breathtaking twisted outfits by Atelier A!UREA.


And in order to make this feast even more fancy and fashionable we decided to dedicate it to a Romanian fashion icon, none other than Loredana Groza, a sparkling apparition, a colorful personality and of course a genuine Romanian artist who always brings a smile upon our faces.


The party started at 14.00 o’clock in the afternoon and our guests were welcomed with hot flavoured wine or sweet chocolate milk for the young , they could easily enjoy a stroll thorugh the three stores while watching some of Loredana’s most inspiring videos being projected on the wall of our enchantd interior garden , they could sweeten their lips with home-made pies and baked cinnamon apples. We took our time and started long chats about Lori’s most famous , crazy and insipiring outfits, we even proposed our very own Lori inspired outfits. Moreover, all our guests were welcomed with a 20% discount on all of our products, accesories or designer/ vintage clothes.






We didn’t forget that December is mainly the month of the presents an we prepared our own. So, our clients got the chance to leave the store with a vintage, unique outfit or with twisted contemporary accesories but also with Loredana’s „Sexting” a well-received and long-craved for book. For the ones who wished to change their look from head to toes we offered free make-up and hairstyling sessions in a partnership with Shakti Center.





The surprises didn’t stop here ,however,as we’re still waiting for you with the 20% discount on each item in our boutique, with lots of presents and with our on-going project of „pimpimg clothers for free”. So get in your car/ the subway or the bus and come meet us in the old city center , with an item of your wardrobe that you think you can no longer wear and we’ll pimp it for free, giving it that „twist” it needs.


If your’re in search of the best Christmas present stay tunned as we’re planning a month full of crazy presents and twisted surprises!





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MolDiva said...

Imi place foarte mult atelierul vostru atit cit vad in poze,caci inca nu am avut ocazia sa-l vizit. Deci e ceva nemaipomenit si nemaintilnit in ziua de azi,unde poti vedea cel putin alte lucruri frumoase decit cele intilnite mai in fiecare zi si care te cam plictisesc un pic.