Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Junk-ies

Well... we were invited to take part in an Eco Project organized by Liana Buzea from EcoAssist. After a short brainstorming near coffee and cigarettes :) we came up with these conceptual shoes. Actually, we'll post only two 'pairs' for now, as the third one needs more bottle of wines to be opened :))

Warning! Do not wear them in public spaces :D


Liana said...

Foarte tari "cipicii"! :)
Abia astept sa-i expunem poimaine.

IPond said...

that's great....i saw you at "neatza cu razvan si dani" tv show and i think you are great. you have nice ideas to make people understand that even though the things seem useless they aren't so, and we can recycle them by making them something new, like decorations or even clothes and shoes. i am romanian, but i chose to speak english because this whole blog has texts in english :)