Thursday, May 29, 2008

Junkers were ZOO-ed

Apologies for the late post, but our internet provider seemed to have forgotten about the common sense.. Anyway, we are back and... alive :) Let us tell you it was an interesting experience and a great chance to meet extraordinary talented people as Horia Nica and the guys from Clipcraft. We all wanted to stress through our 'creations' the awareness for a greener/alive environment.
Thus, EcoAssist managed to gather in one place the artist, the nature, beauty and the one who cares about what it can be done to make a better environment for the young ones, if not for us all.
Atelier Aiurea chose to send the message through the objects that represent us most: the shoes. We wanted to ban somehow the BBQ made on the green areas as well as the pile of garbage left behind, so we were almost obliged to create the conceptual shoes 'don't make the fire in the wood'. Burned matches, cigarette ends, pieces of cardboard, they all found its place on the shoes made of plaster stone.

Following the recent facts concerning Europe (not this part of it, yet) as the imported water in Spain , not to mention about the penalties if the lawn is watered.. we come up with the flip flops made from plastic bottles; we named them 'don't waste the Water'..
Playing with recycled materials, we managed to put together a slipper made out from corks only, as well as another pair of plaster stone (used for shaping) decorated with wasted fibers and cutting ups from the last year's newspapers.

In one word... we really enjoyed being part of this event! And, from what was heard in the media, you enjoyed it as well.. :)

In case you find this subject of interest, here are a few more photos from the event. And below is the press review:

Jurnal TVR
Happy Hour, "Moda Inedita" cut

Neata, Antena 1 - a post-event interview with Liana and Cristina

Pro TV news

Antena 3 news

Adevarul, Green coloumn
Green Report

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